Enhance your organization's cross-cutting processes

Adapt your internal management to all levels

Our “Corporate” Process solution encompasses a company's transversal processes. One or more company processes can be worked on, adapting the internal management to the target to be reached at different levels of organization.

The management of corporate processes can be applicable in an HR area (Productivity, Performance Evaluation Models, Personnel Management); Administrative; Financial; Transversal (VSM, Productivity, BSC - Balanced Scorecard)

The solution is directed according to the defined strategic objectives. Regardless of whether they are core or support processes, we believe that we cannot neglect these areas due to the direct influence they have on the performance of an Organization's primary processes.


- HR
- Administrative
- Financial


- Specific processes
- Dimensioning
- Management Information


- Cost Optimization
- Lead Time
- Customer Satisfaction
- Increased Productivity


There are several challenges that we can encounter in corporate processes that hinder excellence:

- Manual processes that can imply low yield ;
- Focus on activities with little added value ;
- Training and preparation of human resources;
- Difficulty in Implementing Solutions;
- Delays in billing and collection;
- Inefficiency in internal processes and flows.

the solution

Conducting a Diagnosis to the Corporate areas, with the objective of identifying, measuring, qualifying and quantifying opportunities;

Mapping, definition and detail of a customized solution, according to the opportunities raised in the Diagnosis;

Conception and development of support tools that allow excellence and focus on activities with added value;  

Implementation of actions and tools and reinforcement of training for human capital;

Implementation of an action plan to ensure the long-term sustainability and continuity of the project;

About + 22% profitability in cross-cutting processes

If your goals include:

Provide tools to your resources, adjusted in order to streamline processes

Simplify and even automate manual and time-consuming processes

Increase the productivity and profitability of these areas


Find out what are the real opportunities and challenges in your commercial area, in order to boost results.

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