DEMO Power BI Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

Based on the concepts of Balanced ScoreCard, measurement methodology and performance management developed in 1992 by professors from Harvard Business School (HBS) Robert Kaplan and David Norton, this report allows the analysis of the company’s performance based on groups of Indicators, weighted by their weight in the organization.

Whether in the Financial, Customer, Internal Processes or Learning and Growth aspects, macro and micro monitoring is essential so that strategic objectives can be aligned with operational objectives.

DEMO Power BI - Financial Area

Balance Sheet and Income Statement in digital format with emphasis on the main indicators – turnover, costs, EBITDA and margin. Monitoring of billing and costs associated with each business unit, customer or project as well as the respective monitoring against the budget.

DEMO Power BI - HR Area

Report that allows the analysis of the distribution of employees by gender, age group, qualifications as well as KPIs of the recruitment, retention and training processes. It also makes it possible to control personnel costs in detail.

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