Monetize the Operation

Implementation of solutions focused on profitability and operational productivity

The Operations solution focuses on one or more of the Company's internal processes. The challenge is to improve the Productivity of Resources (Humans, Materials and / or Equipment) and create mechanisms that allow reaching or exceeding the defined goals.

The scope of this Solution can go through processes in areas of:

Production, Maintenance, Engineering or Works and Projects.


- Maintenance
- Works and Projects


- Planning and Control
- Materials and Tools
- Machinery, HR and Equipment
- Lean Processes


- Cost Optimization
- Global Productivity
- Efficiency


There are several challenges that we can encounter in an operational area that hinder excellence:

- Management of Raw Material and Orders maladjusted ;
- Lack / Excess of Manpower;
- Flows Inefficient ;
- Lack of control of work;
- Unsuitable Technical Sheets;
- Disuse of Spaces;
- Equipment Unavailability ;
- Low Yield and Productivity;
- Stock Planning misfits ;
- Indicators mismatched to management needs.

the solution

Carrying out a Diagnosis to the operational area / areas, in order to identify, measure, qualify and quantify opportunities;

Mapping, definition and detail of a customized solution, according to the opportunities raised in the Diagnosis;

Conception and development of support tools that allow excellence and operational focus; 

IImplementation of actions and tools and reinforcement of training for human capital;

Implementation of an action plan to ensure the long-term sustainability and continuity of the project;

+ 18% profitability in internal processes

If your goals include:

Reduce production times or stock levels

Improve quality of service and achieve high quality standards

Increase the productivity and profitability of your operational areas


Discover the real opportunities and challenges of any of these areas, in order to enhance results

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