Who we are?

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IMBS was created by a group of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the national and international markets. Our consultants have developed projects in different Market Segments and in several different realities. In Europe, South and Central America, Africa and Asia our way of living and the excellence of what we do has been tested with results that allow us to grow and sediment new management cultures.

What we do?

We believe that every customer should be respected in their culture and identity. We realize the organization of our customers, looking for solutions to monetize validated points of opportunity, working people, information and processes, as well as Digital Transformation for the real use of all active resources of the company. We specialize in implementing solutions that deliver value, visible, qualified and measurable to customers.

How we do?

We Know – We Propose,
We think – We Propose,
We develop – We Propose,
We act and we guarantee.

Why do we do it?

Because our service is different and unique. Because Companies need consultants who specialize in their Processes to accelerate their Organization. Because we believe we can combine responsibility and work experience with Social Responsibility helping companies become increasingly competitive, productive and profitable.

Worldwide Presence

IMBS® was created by a group of consultants with a large range of international experience in multinational companies and in different places of the globe.
We work in many social and economic realities, but we always have the objective of implement adjusted methods to wich client, respecting their identity, market and needs.

Europe, South America, Africa and Asia


Gerar valor acrescentado para os nossos clientes através da implementação de soluções de gestão que permitam atingir resultados visíveis, quantificáveis e reconhecidos.

Visão e Estratégia

Ser uma referência de excelência em Soluções de Gestão. Conquistar clientes e Mercados pela competência e dedicação dos nossos profissionais, desenvolvendo mecanismos adequados às realidades dos diferentes clientes.




Serviços - Engenharia, Obras, Projetos
- Saúde
- Utilidades Sociais
- Transportes e Logística
- Públicos
- Financeiros
- Comércio
Indústria - Têxtil
- Automóvel
- Agro-Indústria
- Pasta e Papel
- Máquinas e Equipamentos
- Siderurgia e Transformação
- Química
- Metalurgia
- Hotelaria e Turismo
- Alimentação e Bebidas
- Produtos Industriais

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