robot process automation


RPA – Robot Process Automation is a highly innovative process automation technology for any company, since it allows certain routine and time-consuming activities, normally performed by humans, to be performed by “robot” software.

efficiency and productivity


time saving

flexibility and adaptation of processes

Elevate your organization’s efficiency and productivity

This technology is able to raise the efficiency and productivity of any organization in a disruptive way, positively differentiating itself from other automation tools due to its cost and flexibility to adapt to all types of processes, essentially those that are repetitive and slow

automate your company's technology more quickly and effectively

Previously, this type of technology was complex and required high investment and large allocation of resources by the company. Today, allows us from the simplest to the most complex process, to automate these rules, depending on their level of complexity in hours, days or weeks, freeing up time for other tasks and eliminating human error.

simplify the automation of processes

This automation can be simpler, through the definition of actions that a event implies and what follow-up should take, but it can also include Artificial Intelligence, guiding the process through advanced means, connecting to any system via connectors to ensure smooth execution real time of the process.

process examples

with defined rules


subject to human error



control buttons

data management

examples of activities

– Validation of Orders / Invoices / Collections;
– Customer Collection;
– Update of Human Resources / Customers / Suppliers files;
– Report reports;
– Company data management;
– Calculations;
– Opening emails and attachments;
– Move files and folders;
– Quality control reports;
– Creation of tasks;
– Workflows administrativos.



The benefits of RPA technology go far beyond cost savings. The ability to handle any type of process transforms and optimizes the entire workflow of the organization, removing activities with no added value and freeing employees to productive functions. This technology easily integrates with any type of system and can be adapted according to specific needs.

Benefits of RPA solutions

Motivation and Productivity

When creating workflows, whether on large-scale or individual tasks, time savings are seriously increased. Employees who can save their time from repetitive activities, tend to be more motivated, having more time to focus on high-value strategic opportunities.

Greater Accuracy and Availability 24/7

This type of software is programmed to follow a whole set of rules. Once instructed, they are unlikely to make mistakes, having 24-hour operation a day. Everything they do is monitored, with the company always in full control to operate according to defined regulations and rules.


In the short term, most companies can achieve a reduction return of up to 90% per process. By making the team more cohesive, operating costs are reduced and activities are carried out in a more agile and fast way, reducing the need for external services or hiring more employees.

Scalability and Flexibility

RPA can perform several activities simultaneously, from desktop activities to activities in the cloud. It is possible to implement several automated processes quickly with reduced costs, according to the defined workflow.

Better experience with Clients / Employees

This technology can also be used to communicate with customers, suppliers or employees. For example, in the control of contacts to be carried out in a detailed and duly scheduled way, sending automatic messages, alerting promotions, internal communications, organizational climate surveys, among others.

Integration with other Systems

Our value proposition features easy integration with all types of systems, including ERP. Often, it is not necessary to adapt or train the team to work with a different system (everything is automated), which makes the whole implementation easier.

What differentiates the technology used and the service from other automation systems?

  – We know and propose the optimized process before automating it
– We removed many of the inefficiencies in the new design
– Quick benefit
– Reduced investment
-Full organization control in the processes
-Integration with all systems
-Highly flexible to all types of processes and activities

   Why IMBS?

As specialists in Productivity and Business Transformation, where we combine our knowledge of Operation and Processes with Digital Transformation, IMBS is perfectly aware of the relevance of Operational efficiency, in the entire business universe. When we implement and explain the potential of this tool, we are giving opportunities to everyone involved, namely employees, to be able to share ideas on how to improve their work.

Our RPA solutions, tailored to each client, have the same objective: to raise business efficiency to a new level, automating and optimizing processes.

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