Optimize your Supply Chain process

Adjust flows and increase performance

This solution has a focus on Supply Chain Processes, including Logistics and Purchasing. Working on the Productivity of this process means creating ways to optimize the key points and guarantee the effective management of the Internal or Outsourcing process.

The scope of this solution is quite diverse, considering processes such as:

Order Management, Shipping Management, Distribution Management, Warehouse Management, Fleet Management, Procurement and Outsourcing Contract Management.


- Orders
- Fleet
- Internal and External Logistics
- Warehouse
- Outsourcing
- Procurement


- Flows and processes
- Outsourcing Management
- Dimensioning


- Lead time
- Cost optimization
- SLA’s
- Effectiveness


There are several challenges that we can encounter in these areas and that hinder the excellence of these processes:

-Screening and logistical process out of order ;
- Disorganization of jobs;
- Occupation of the cargo;
- MRP misfits ;
- Routes out of order ;
- Travel without deliveries ;
- Dimensioning.

the solution

Conducting a Diagnosis to the Logistics and Purchasing area, in order to identify, measure, qualify and quantify opportunities;

Mapping, definition and detail of a customized solution, according to the opportunities raised in the Diagnosis;

Conception and development of support tools that allow excellence and focus on the Supply Chain process;

Implementation of actions and resources and reinforcement of human capital formation;

Implementation of an action plan to ensure the long-term sustainability and continuity of the project;

+ 12% in Optimization of Logistics and Purchasing Processes

If your goals include:

Minimize logistical costs without impairing service quality

Reduce the cost of stock and transport

Improve raw material management, while optimizing costs

Shorten the Lead time by enhancing value-added activities


Find out what are the real opportunities and challenges in your Supply Chain area, in order to boost results.

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