QUICK LEAN production


The QUICK LEAN PRODUCTION tool promotes the change and adaptation of Industry to the digital transformation and to the concepts of Industry 4.0. With this application, all information can be connected to each other, thus creating a volume of information that is not only superior, but also more assertive, about everything that happens in Production. 

Real-time data analysis and communication

ERP integration

Simplification of production records

Greater control over the production process


How to align production processes to digital transformation

If in the past, digital registration and control were seen as something that would still be far from being strictly necessary, especially on the factory floor, today we find more and more adapted managers or those in need of adapting. For a long time, many companies have managed to keep up with the market, without having to reinvent themselves, however, the growth of digitalization has changed this theory.  

“The need to digitize and centralize information and processes is evident, but with this, together, challenges of change come, starting with organizational culture and technological updating. People continue to be the most important part of a company, so we believe that in addition to all the technological updates, it is important to involve people, listen to them and train them, because only then will the results continue to exist ”. 

Hugo Marujo, Managing Partner IMBS 


Over time, we encountered needs that were general in several companies, which had in common, the difficulties of control in the production processes.

The Quick Lean Production Solution addresses the need to digitize these processes. Designed to the customer’s needs and with a real-time response, the application aims to help both employees in their day-to-day, as well as managers, providing them with an overview and greater control over the process.

With a tablet, PC or mobile phone available at the factory, this application allows, in greater detail:

– Record and analyze the causes of stoppages;
– Consult resource availability
– Monitor consumption;
– Record and analyze all production data in real time;


Mobile Digital Application, present in Factory

With the possibility for all trained employees to be able to consult and record some information in the application during their working day, all the data collected provides a much more real view of the process, thus enabling centralization and helping to automate production.

With ERP integration, the manager can, in this way:

– Have greater control over the production area;
– Analyze various data in detail;
– Obtain inputs of various information, such as: Technical Data Sheets, Standard Times, Availability and Downtime Records, Quality Records and Production Records.


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180 € / Month
  • 2 years of binding period
  • Time bag for adjustments and customizations
  • Unlimited number of users
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